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Venezuela is a South American country whose majority religion is Christianity.

Press freedom has been deteriorating since the 2002 coup attempt of Hugo Chavez.

Internet censorship[]

Websites publishing unofficial (black market) exchange rates are blocked in Venezuela as the government believes they are causing economic disaster and very high rates of inflation. The El Nacional newspaper is even blocked occasionally by the Venezuelan ISP CANTV for its frequent criticism of the Maduro government.

Wikipedia was blocked by the Maduro government in response to the 2019 Venezuelan presidential crisis, after the site stated that opposition leader Juan Guaido was the de facto President of Venezuela.

Movies censorship[]

TV censorship[]

Radio Caracas Televisión's terrestrial broadcasting license expired in 2007. The Chavista government refused to renew it because of it being anti-government and its participation in the 2002 coup.

Hugo Chavez's administration was quick to ban any show that they disliked, such as the Colombian soap opera Chepe Fortuna, whose subplot corncerned two middle-aged sisters, Colombia and Venezuela. Colombia was depicted as an industrious, honest and long-suffering lady, while Venezuela was depicted as a fat woman who believes to be gorgeous and constantly getting into ill-fated get-rich-quickly-schemes and loves excessively her tiny dog named Hugo, which the Chavista government found unflattering.

  • Family Guy: The season 7 episode 12 "420" was banned after the Venezuelan government reacted negatively to the episode and banned Family Guy from airing on their local networks, which generally syndicate American programming. Local station Venevisión was threatened with financial sanctions for broadcasting the show, which was avoided by airing an episode of Baywatch instead and they aired public service films as an apology. Justice Minister Tareck El Aissami stated that any cable stations which refuse to stop airing the series would be fined and he also claimed that it promoted the use of cannabis.

Books censorship[]

Video games censorship[]

Most video games containing substantial impact of violence are easily banned and confiscated by Venezuela.

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