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Total Drama Action was a Canadian cartoon that was made by Teletoon, it was released in January 11, 2009 and it ended June 10, 2010. When Cartoon Network started airing it in the United States it was censored, due to the Network wanting to make it more family friendly.


USA Censorship[]

  • Episode 2
  1. The scene where Harlod says "Like she's un-pantsing me with her eyes." it was changed to "like she's romancing me with her eyes."
  • Episode 5
  1. The scene where Harold says "I have cow boobies on my head!" The word "boobies" was changed to "udders" .
  • Episode 6
  1. The scene that shows Geoff and Bridgette making noises in the same room after the lights were turned off was cut.
  • Episode 14
  1. The scene where Duncan refers to Courtney as "sweetcheeks". The word "sweetcheeks" was changed to "sweetheart".
  2. The scene where Harold says "Dam beavers, dam." it was changed to "Down beavers, down."
  • Episode 22
  1. The scene where Harold is comparing Leshawna Jr. to the real Leshawna, and says "Same rounded booty." The word "Booty" was changed to "behind".
  • Episode 27
  1. The scene where Blaineley says "Beth had to sell her Dad's car to bail her out of the slammer." it was changed to "Beth had to spend all her Total Drama winnings to bail her out of the slammer."
  2. The scene where Izzy was swearing at the movie crew was modified for the Cartoon Network broadcast. The pixilation was removed and the swears where changed to the word "Stinkin".
  3. The sceene where Leshawna hands over her bra, she says "What, you've never seen Triple D's before?" it was changed to "You've never seen a big bra before?"

Canadian Censorship[]

  • Episode 27
  1. The scene where Izzy is swearing at her movie crew with her mouth pixelated, and the swears are bleeped out.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no completely uncensored version, the Canadian version is the least censored and that is the version that is on DVD's.