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The Fairly OddParents!, sometimes referred to as Fairly OddParents or FOP, is an American animated television series that was produced by Frederator Studios and Billionfold Inc for Nickelodeon. The television series is distributed by MTV Networks. The show was released on March 30, 2001 and it ended on July 26, 2017.


USA Censorship[]

Season Seven[]

  • Episode 36/a (Farm Pit)
  • The episode was banned from Nickelodeon because of references to the idea of a crime scene. (The episode has been airing sense December 29, 2012)

Brazil Censorship[]

Most episodes (or all episodes) have not had adult jokes altered. But in season ten, there was a change: Timmy starts an episode talking animatedly about a video game about rednecks, and the list of things he likes about rednecks is that they can take his cousins to the school dance. Clearly he was talking about dating cousins. In the Brazilian Portuguese version, he said that hillbillies can take their cousins to dance classes.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The episode is no longer banned.