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Thailand is an Asian country that practices Buddhism.

It is a kingdom in Southeast Asia and a parliamentary democracy (similar to the one in the UK). Thailand has never been colonized.

General censorship[]

As noted in the Constitution of Thailand, anything that denigrates the Thai monarchy is strictly prohibited. Thailand's lèse-majesté law is known to be one of the harshest in the world for a democracy. Each count of lèse-majesté anywhere in Thailand has the equivalent of a prison sentence of up to 15 years.

Internet censorship[]

Thailand censors any website that insults the monarchy (which includes any criticism of a member of the royal family), and Thailand censors any website that has pornographic material.

  • In 2008, more than 4,800 webpages deemed insulting to Thailand's royal family were blocked. In December 2010, nearly 60,000 websites had been banned for alleged insults against Bhumibol. In 2011, the number increased to 70,000.
  • Royalist Marketplace was blocked by Facebook from users in Thailand because the group was critical of the monarchy.

Books censorship[]

  • Thailand actively band works criticizing the Thai royal family, and under Thai law, authors who attack the Thai king are subject to imprisonment. An example is the jailing of an Australian novelist in 2008.

Video Games censorship[]

The Thai military junta banned the game Tropico 5, as the military government thought it might affect peace and order.

The entire GTA series was banned in 2008 after a fan of GTA IV killed a taxi driver. The ban also affected subsequent releases, such as Chinatown Wars and GTA V, however the Steam release of the latter is still available.

TV censorship[]

Thai Monarchy BBC censored.jpg

A BBC programme about the Thai monarchy was censored for legal reasons.

Most provocative imagery in anime is censored by blurring.

Any scene depicting someone smoking is censored by blurring or by pixelating.

Movies censorship[]

Nearly any rendition of Anna and the King of Siam and The King and I ever made is banned because the King of Siam, which is culturally seen as divine, is depicted as a flawed human being. No matter how the filmmakers rewrite the story or how the King may be respectfully and positively portrayed, the basic story still implies that Thailand is a backwards country full of people who need a Westerner to civilize them.

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