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Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is an Japanese fighting video game that was developed by Bandai Namco Studios and Sora Ltd, the game was published by Nintendo. The video game was released on December 7, 2018. Due to Nintendo targeting a CERO A rating and a E10+ rating certain character designs were altered.


International censorship[]

  • Mr. Game and Watch's up move was digitally altered in the first patch to remove the native American headdress.
  • Camilla's spirit sticker/trophy was modified from her original design, in her new design her armor was extended to cover up her breast window.
  • Mythra's spirit sticker/trophy was modified from her original design, in her new design her clothing was extended to cover up her breast window and she is now wearing tights.
  • Tharja's spirit sticker was cropped, as a result you can no longer see her legs.
  • Palutena's design was changed for Super Smash Bros. Ultimate, her skirt is now closed up.
  • Dracula's spirit has no blood.
  • Pyra wears an additional pair of translucent tights under her shorts, and an additional gold plate covers the top of her rear.
  • Snake's butt & Zero suit Samus's breast are visibly reduced.
  • Peach's underwear can no longer be seen when you pause the game and zoom in. When you do all you see is a black void. (unlike in Brawl and Melee)
  • Bayonetta unlike in her games is no longer nude when she uses a final attack and there is no longer any blood like there is in her games.
  • Joker's all out attack unlike in Person 5 no longer causes any blood splatters. Instead it simply cause sparks.
  • Female Corrin's legs are now fully covered unlike in Fire Emblem Fates/Heroes.
  • Carmilla's blood tears were recolored purple.

German censorship[]

  • Popo was renamed "Pepe" in German version, because it means "Butt" in German.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no completely uncensored version, but the early versions are the least censored. There is a mod that you can download that when installed removes the censorship for Pyra. You can also find the origins of other games that were uncensored outside of any other smash games.