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Singapore is an Asian country that is secular, but it primarily worships Buddhism and Islam. It is multicultural with four official languages, English, Malay, Mandarin, and Tamil.

It is a former British colony. It joined Malaysia in 1963 then gained independence from Malaysia in 1965.

Movies censorship[]

Any film with scenes or dialogue containing religiously profane language or mocking religion is censored. As homosexuality is illegal in Singapore, films with homosexual content may be age-restricted.

  • The Wolf of Wall Street was censored to remove very strong sexual scenes and religiously profane language.
  • The Neon Demon was censored to remove necrophilia and sexual assault, resulting in the film being rated M18 (instead of the more restrictive R21).
  • Last Tango in Paris, The Evil Dead, and Cannibal Holocaust were banned on initial release for excessive gore
  • The Kids Are All Right - this film was only allowed one print with an R21 rating, limiting its theatrical release and was banned on home video.
  • Zoolander - this movie was banned in Singapore out of goodwill towards the neighbouring Malaysia. 5 years later, however, the countries fell out and Singapore lifted the ban. Even after mending the relationship, Singapore cannot re-ban the movie.
  • Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker - this movie was only allowed for release if a same-sex kiss was cut.
  • The Last Temptation of Christ - this movie was banned due to showing a religious deity as a flawed human being
  • The Last Hangover - this movie was banned for glorifying recreational drug use.

Books censorship[]

Possessing Jehovah Witnesses literature is illegal in Singapore, which can elicit fines and jail time if convicted. Even being a Jehovah Witness, classified as a cult movement, is illegal. They can visit the country as long as they avoid activities that the government sees as "proselytizing".

Wired magazine was banned for running the famous William Gibson article "Disneyland with the Death Penalty", which lambasted the state's authoritarian nature.

Boys' Love genre manga are banned, in compliance of the Section 377A of the Singapore Penal Code, which criminalizes homosexuality.

TV censorship[]

Any show with scenes or dialogue containing religiously profane language or mocking religion is censored

  • Cooking on High, The Legend of 420 and Disjointed are banned for glorifying recreational drug use.

Video Games censorship[]

Prior to the introduction of a rating system for video games, Mass Effect was banned because of possible homosexuality. Two years later, the game was unbanned and rated as M18.

During the Hot Coffee controversy, Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was one of the first few videogames to be banned in Singapore.

The Steam store removed Fight of Gods following its ban by Malaysia and other neighboring countries.

General censorship[]

  • Pornography "banned"
  • Any promotion of homosexuality is prohibited (discriminates against LGBT people)
  • Government can fire or censor anyone they want in the news media
  • International publications such as The Economist are restricted
  • Malaysian newspapers banned
  • All television and radio stations are owned by the government

Internet Censorship[]

In Singapore, many websites are blocked by the Media Development Authority.

  • Various pornographic sites
  • Playboy (lifestyle)
  • Chick.com (religious, Protestant fundamentalist cartoonist Jack Chick's website)
  • penthouse.com (lifestyle)

As of late, the Singaporean government has considering lifting the ban in favor of end-user or service-provider based web filters. A Google Chrome extension can work around it, anyway.


  • Material promoting socialism is prohibited in Singapore.
  • Selling and reselling chewing gum and bubble gum in Singapore except medical gum for therapeutic use.
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