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Shadow the Hedgehog is a American platforming game that was made by Sega Studio USA, and it was released on November 15, 2005. Due to the ESRB announcing the E10+ rating months before release, the game was censored to get a Teen rating. As a result, violence was toned down and some language was removed. This censored version became the worldwide release, as a result there is no uncensored version that people can play.


International Censorship[]

  • Any scene that shows red blood coming out of the Black Arms aliens was modified for the E10+ release. In the E10+ version, the red blood was digitally recolored to green.
  • The scene that shows Shadow attacking the G.U.N. soldiers was modified for the E10+ release. In the Teen version, the soldiers were originally bleeding red blood.
  • The scene that shows a G.U.N. soldier getting hit by a alien blast in the intro was modified for the E10+ release. In the E10+ version, the scene cuts off before we see him getting hit.
  • The scene where Shadow says "What the hell is going on with me?" it was changed to "What is going on with me?".
  • The scene where Shadow says "Just what the hell was that all about?" it was changed to "Just what was that all about?".
  • The scene where Sonic says "Hate to piss off G.U.N." it was changed to "Hate to tick off G.U.N.".
  • The scene that shows Maria getting shot was modified for the E10+ release. In the E10+ version, the scene turns white; as a result, you no longer see the G.U.N. soldier shooting Maria.
  • In the unreleased T rated version G.U.N soldiers health bars would turn red when killed. This is not the case in the E10+ release.

Where to find it uncensored[]

There is no uncensored release of this game. In fact it is believed all copies of the uncut version no longer exist anywhere and were all destroyed.