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Robot Chicken is an American cartoon made by Adult Swim. The show was first broadcast on February 20, 2005, and it is ongoing. Due to network standards strong/sexual language, sexual situations, and nudity are censored. Later seasons are more heavily censored than earlier seasons partially due to later seasons being more explicit than the earlier seasons, and partially due to the network's increasingly strict standards and practices.


Adult Swim

Season Three

  • Werewolf vs. Unicorn
  1. The scene where Matthew Senreich says "That's what the fuck I'm talking about!" was changed to "That's what the (bleep) I'm talking about!"
  2. The scene where Matthew Senreich says "Holy fuckin' ass-crackers!" was changed to "Holy (bleep) ass-crackers!"
  3. The scene where Mike Lazzo says "Oh, fuck!" was changed to "Oh, (bleep)!
  4. The scene where Old Woman #1 says "FUCKING TELEVISION!" was changed to "(Bleep) TELEVISION!"
  5. The scene where Man #1 says "BULLSHIT WEATHER!" was changed to "BULL(bleep) WEATHER!
  6. The scene where Man #2 says "Ahh, fucking Christmas!" was changed to "Ahh, (bleep) Christmas!"
  7. The scene where Pink Peg says "Fuckin' spinner...." was changed to "(Bleep) spinner...."
  8. The scene where Slowpoke Rodriguez says "I'm a fucking hero!" was changed to "I'm a (bleep) hero!"