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Myanmar or Burma is an Asian country that worships Buddhism.

Internet censorship[]

The current government is working on unblocking these websites, ever since 2012

Movies censorship[]

Rambo (2008) - this movie was banned because it portrayed the Burmese govenrment as an opressive dictatorship, which, in real life it was. Then, rebel factions started to watch Rambo.

Malaysian-born actress Michelle Yeoh was banned from entering Burma for starring as Aun San Suu Kyi, which then was the main opposition leader and a political prisioner, in a biopic.

The Simpsons Movie - This movie was banned in Burma mostly because most of the characters have yellow skin, with yellow and red being the colors of the main political opposition party, the National League for Democracy, as well as the skin being perceived as a stereotype of Asians having bright yellow skin.

TV censorship[]

As mentioned before, The Simpsons was banned in the country due to its adult content, as well because of the cast's yellow skin.

Books censorship[]

Video Games censorship[]

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