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Mohana Shashi The Series: SECOND GENERATION was a British-Canadian-American Superhero-Action-Adventure-Comedy Animated Series that was made by Entertainment One, PGGF5000's Korean Corporation, PPF9000's Corporation Entertainment, Corus Entertainment, And Allspark Animation. which was the reboot and the 2nd Series of the Mohana Shashi Franchise. It has been aired on April 8th has been censored only in Australia and India.


Australian Censorship[]

Nick Jr. Australia & 9Go![]

Season 1[]

  • Episode 1: Our Journey Continues!
  1. The Narrator of "MOHANA SHASHI"s Line "What the hell is going on?" was changed to "What on earth is going on?" due to hell being considered as a bad word.
  2. Kayla Kicking The Ogur in The Crotch was cut due to violence.
  • Episode 2: Back To Back
  1. Kayla's Line "Dating with another person?" was changed to "Having a person's friend?"
  2. The Following Lines Were Cut
  • Bath Man: HEY YOU!
  • Victor & Kayla: What?
  • Bath Man: Be Quiet! I'm trying to rest!
  • (Bath Man Hides)

3. A Gun Was Removed From The Scene where Pink Lily Attempts to kill the Bath Man for bullying people due to violence and murder. However, it was changed to a flashlight instead so kids could think that Pink Lily's checking with the Bath Man.

  • Episode 3: Speed Traps!
  1. The Mousetrap Hitting Victor was cut
  2. Kayla trying to get the mousetrap out of Victor with a Hammer was cut
  • Episode 4: Heart Pains
  1. A Scene That Shows when Kayla's Heart was broken into a million pieces after TheSyrinx63 announced her she's going to break up with her and go back to dating with Angga Daffa.
  2. A Giant Heart Robot Slicing Kayla In Half With A Buzzsaw was changed to him making her fall with Magic.
  3. Kayla putting his half of body back in herself was changed to her getting up
  • Episode 6: 2 Years Later...
  1. Dr. Light Blue Lily Chewing on a Pill was cut directly to her blowing them into balloons for the special bitrhday.

Indian Censorship[]

Nick Jr. India & Sun TV (India)[]

Season 1[]

  • Episode 1: Our Journey Continues!
  1. Kayla Kicking The Ogur in The Crotch was cut.
  2. The Ogur saying "I will murder you!" was changed to "I will get you!" due to "murder" being a bad word
  • Episode 4: Heart Pains
  1. TheSyrinx63 Telling Kayla she's going to break up with her and has to go back to dating with Angga was cut, because it would make preschoolers cry.
  2. A Giant Heart Robot Slicing Kayla's Half of her Body with a buzzsaw and with her putting his body parts back was cut.
  3. Victor Shouting "Kayla!" and shooting at the Heart Robot with a bazooka was cut.
  • Episode 5: More Than An Easter Special
  1. A Giant Easter Bunny hitting Kayla with a gun was cut due to kids not wanting to try at home.