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Miracleman is a superhero comic series that was made by Marvel and released on 1982 and it ended in 1987. Reprints 2014 and onwards are censored.


International Censorship[]

General Censorship[]

  • Nudity removed.

Issue 4[]

  • The line "I think it's Fu Manchu" was changed to "I think it's The Avengers."
  • Big Ben replaced Garguanza.
  • The line "For I have at this stage opted to become another crazy ni****(censored due to wikia's terms of service)." was changed to "For I have at this stage opted to become another crazy n-----."

Issue 15[]

  • The line "Didn't I see a ni**** (censored due to Wikia's terms of service) earlier?" was changed to "Didn't I see a n----- earlier?"

Where to find it uncensored[]

All versions of the comic before the 2014 reprints were uncensored.