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Mary Skelter Finale is a RPG video game that was developed by Idea Factory/Compile Heart and published by Idea Factory International, Inc. The video game was released on November 5, 2020. The game was censored worldwide when you compare it to previous games in the series. These games were most likely censored due to Sony's policies when it comes to sexual content and to make the game less controversial.


International censorship[]

(When compared to Mary Skelter 2, a number of censorship changes were made to the game/series)

  • Alice's, Gretel's, and Snow White's Blood Skelter outfits are more modest.
  • The purging mini-game was omitted.
  • Touching some's crotch in the menus doesn't elicit a lewd response.
  • Blood Maidens are now clothes in their Critical Notice portraits.

Australian Censorship[]

  • The game was banned in Australia because of "implied sexual violence and sexualized depictions of child-like female characters".

Where to find it uncensored[]

You can get the game if you live outside of Australia and you can try to import the game. But there is no fully uncensored version of the game since the changes made to the game apply to all copies of the game.