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Johnny Test is an animated series created by Scott Williams. The series premeired on Kids WB back in 2007, then it moved to Cartoon Network.



  • In Indonesia and in a Kids WB airing of episode 42, any scene that showed Johnny naked had been modified. In Indonesia and in a Kids WB rerun, his underwear is blurred out, and in Indonesia, Johnny showing his muscles is cut out due to sexuality.
  • In CN airings, the gasps are much normal, instead of whezzing gasps.

Skipped outside the US[]

  • Episode 4: This episode is skipped in Australia in 2014 due to a red attacking spider.
  • Episode 25: A dangerous and disturbing scene containing the sisters doing a booty sex experiment forced many countries (except for the US and some European countries) to skip the episode.
  • Episode 53: A booty sex scene caused the episode to be skipped on home video and VOD in China.
  • Episode 54: This episode is omitted on Netflix in Argentina due to unknown reasons.

Omitted episodes[]

  • Episode 163: This episode was omitted from CartoonNetwork.COM in December 1, 2009 due to unknown reasons, although it was brought back a month later.

Censored in the dub[]

  • Episode 1: Johnny referencing onigami (rice balls) was changed to referencing sandwiches in many countries, although this scene is still left uncensored in Japan.
  • Episode 14: On Kids WB, Dukey saying "Whoops, gotta wash my stinky tail's underwear." was cut out.
  • Episode 15: One of the lab sisters saying "Should we do a booty sex experiment?" and the other lab sister saying "Nah, i guess no." was cut on The CW airings, and its still cut in South Korea.
  • Episode 63: The booty sex scenes was cut out, except for one.
  • Episode 64: In 2010-2011 CN airings, the lines "Should we do a booty experiment?", "Sure" and the booty experiment scene was shortened.
  • Episode 85: Jimmy's "Pwease" look when he begs to do something is cut in South Korea.
  • Episode 86: The casino scene is COMPLETELY cut in almost every country, except for the DVDs. In Brazil, this episode is rated 14.
  • "Johnny meets the Pork-Ness Monster" (Episode 87): The monster's design is changed in Australia.
    • The additional plate covers his butt.
    • His penis is covered by a dead Super Capenter Ember Empress corpse.
  • Episode 101: The short gambling scene is shortened.
  • Episode 102: The line "Uh, that's a dogbrush." was cut out of the September 16, 2007 Kids WB! airing.
  • Episode 112: The line "We are spend 24 hours at a casino!" was cut, and the casino scene is shortened. (This is the reason why the episode was omitted from CartoonNetwork.COM in December 2009 to January 2010.
  • Episode 116: The line "Spastic." was changed to "Erratic." in the UK.
  • Episode 117: The line "Spastic." was muted in the UK.

Banned in the dub[]

United States of America[]

In the United States, 2 episodes have been banned due to the following reasons.

  • "Johnny Meets The Porkness Monster" (Episode 87): This episode is banned on CN since 2012 due to lots of crimes being commited in the episode and a swastika being mentioned in the episode.
    • On Kids WB, the crimes commited by Johnny and Dukey were cut out and the mentioned swastika was removed.
  • Episodes 116 and 117: This episode has been banned in 2016 due to the controversial word "spastic", which is considered offensive in the UK.


  • Most episodes of booty sex scenes have been banned in Australia since 2017 due to inappropriate content.
    • For example, episode 96, was banned in Australia due to a mention of a extreme booty sex.
  • Episode 105 is banned in Australia due to a swastika mention.

Other censorship[]

  • The extreme booty sex episode (Episode 1) was banned in South Korea due to extreme booty sex scenes.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The DVDs are uncensored, and the original premeire broadcasts were uncensored.