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Iran is a Middle Eastern country that worships Islam.

General censorship[]

Any media seeking distribution in Iran needs the permission of the Ministry of Islamic Culture, which sets an arbitrary set of rules which are subject to the government any time. The rules include any form of pornography or sexual imagery centered on the female form (which is taboo in Islam), political material contrary to the government's goals and any form of communication criticizing Islam. These restrictions, however, can be circumvented by physical and internet piracy, satellite dishes and illegal used book markets.

Movies censorship[]

  • 300 was banned due to the portrayal of the Persians as slavering, inhuman monsters (according to the narrator).
  • Not Without My Daughter was banned in Iran for depicting the escape of American citizen Betty Mahmoody and her daughter from her abusive Iranian husband
  • The Wrestler was considered Western propaganda, as The Ram's (the protagonist wrestler) in-ring rival was named the Ayatollah.

Books censorship[]

  • Salman Ruhsdie's The Satanic Verses was banned after the Ayatollah Khomeini considered the book blasphemous, placed a fatwa on the author's life. The book and other Rushdie's works are banned in Iran, even if the Iranian government lifted the fatwa on Ruhsdie's life in 1998.

TV Shows censorship[]

Video Games censorship[]

  • Battlefield 3 and ARMA 3 are banned for portraying Iran among the primary antagonists
  • Clash of Clans is banned as "promoting violence and tribal conflict".
  • Pokémon GO was banned for safety reasons

Internet censorship[]

  • Anonymizing proxies
  • Voice of America
  • Orkut
  • Websites advocating political reform
  • Baha'i Faith
  • Atheism and freethought forums
  • Pornography, LGBT, sex education (indicative of SmartProxy filtering)
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