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This Wikia is a database cataloging everything related to censorship past and present, in news media, film, artwork, and literature. The current focus is on online Internet censorship.

Founded on 28 January 2005 and restarted on 4 May 2006, there are currently 1,194 articles on this Wikia.

Are you aware of Internet censorship?. Please create a new page and document the problem right now - just type the title of your article in the box below to create it. Articles on all levels of Internet censorship are welcome, from country-wide blocks to ISP-level blocks of specific websites.

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Censorship by subject

  • Circumventing censorship - how to get around your filter
  • Political speech
  • Obscenity
  • Campaigns: Irrepressible.info, Declaration for a Free Internet, Blue Ribbon
  • Anonymity
  • Bloggers Against Censorship
  • Academic research on internet censorship: Open Net Initiative

Censorship by country

Dates indicate period(s) of significant, documented and reported censorship. Bolded countries are particularly egregious right now.

Is your site blocked?

Find out if a site is blocked in China at greatfirewallofchina.org.

Some international sites may be checked at opennet.net.

Take also a look at Global Voices Advocacy