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Half-Life - Blue Shift is a first-person shooting game that was developed by Gearbox Software/Valve and published by Valve. The video game was released on June 12, 2001. In order to get a USK 16 rating the game was censored.


Germany Censorship[]

  • Human opponents were turned into robots.
  • Blood has been completely removed from the game.
  • You can no longer tear enemies apart using certain weapons.
  • You can no longer shoot/kill scientists and security guards. If you try they will sit on the floor.
  • Most screams in the game were removed.
  • In the uncensored version if you keep on shooting corpses you will see additional blood effects. This doesn't happen in the German version.
  • All humans in multiplayer have been replaced with the Helmet skin.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other nation has it uncensored. The German Steam site now offers a uncensored patch.