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This is a non-exhaustive list of all of the shows and or movies that HBO Max has censored.

Foreign HBO Max censorship list: HBO Max Latin America

Adventure Time[]

  • Sexuality was toned down.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force[]

  • Two episodes are banned, a computer message was altered to remove some profanities and some profanity is still censored due a lack of a fully uncensored version.

Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery[]

  • HBO Max is airing the censored US release. (This censorship was not done by HBO Max but instead done by New Line Cinema when the movie was released in the US)

Bonnie and Clyde (film)[]

  • Sexuality was toned down.

The Boondocks[]

  • One of the episodes was banned due to its portrayal of racism.

Close Enough[]

  • Profanity is bleeped out and nudity is censored.

Death Note (anime)[]

  • The English dub was made more family friendly.

Dexter's Laboratory[]

  • The episode Rude Removal is not shown and a gay character was cut from the show.

Ed Ed and Eddy[]

  • The show was made more family friendly with some words/jokes being cut out one example of a word being cut was the word "stupid".

Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood[]

  • Language was toned down and some religious references were removed. (This censorship only applies to the English Dub.)


  • Racist lines were edited in the English dub.

Harley Quinn (TV Show)[]

  • A sex scene was removed from the show due to DC's Executives.

Jackie Brown[]

  • Sexuality was toned down.

Key and Peele[]

  • Nudity and language are censored (They are using the censored comedy central TV broadcast.)

Looney Tunes[]

  • The infamous 12 banned episodes are not available on HBO Max along with a number of other episodes that are considered racist. Some scenes from episodes on the platform are censored.

Point Blank (1967)[]

  • Sexuality was toned down.


  • Several episodes were banned due to being considered racist.

Regular Show[]

  • Language was censored. ( used from the censored version shown in Cartoon Network US reruns.)


  • Nudity and language are censored (used from the censored comedy central TV broadcasts.)

Rick and Morty[]

  • Nudity is censored. (There is no uncensored version of any scene that contains nudity while the uncensored blu-rays and DVD's due have all swears uncensored they never uncensored the nudity so as a result Rick and Morty on HBO Max has the nudity still censored.)

Robot Chicken[]

  • Language in season one is censored. (This is due to there being no uncensored version for season one in the original 2005 broadcast.)


  • Nudity was censored.

South Park[]

  • Episodes featuring Muhammad are not available. And strong language that is directed at the Chinese government is bleeped out.

Space Ghost Coast to Coast[]

  • Strong profanity is censored. (This is due to there being no fully uncensored version)

The Amazing World of Gumball[]

  • Violence and language was toned down. (It is using the censored Cartoon Network US versions)

The Hobbit The Battle Of The Five Armies[]

  • The theatrical PG-13 cut is shown instead of the Extended R rated cut.

The Office[]

  • Due to the 2020 BLM riots/protests one of the episodes was edited to remove "racist" content.

The Powerpuff Girls[]

  • "See Me, Feel Me, Gnomey" was banned.

The Testament of Sister New Devil[]

  • Nudity is censored. (This censorship is due to Crunchyroll/Funimation airing the censored Japanese airings on their platforms while the Blu-Rays use the uncensored versions. Though the English dub is uncensored on Crunchyroll, the English dub however is on on HBO Max.)

Tom and Jerry[]

  • Any of the short films that have blackface, racial jokes or Mammy Two-Shoes are intentionally left out.