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Grizzy and the Lemmings (French: Grizzy et les Lemmings) is a French CGI 3D animated series produced by Studio Hari and created by Antoine Rodelet and Josselin Charier for France TV and Boomerang. While being inspired by Oggy and the Cockroaches, (later which was in turn inspired by Tom and Jerry), it was after The Owl & Co. and The Jungle Bunch. The show is about a Grizzly Bear localized as - Grizzy and a number of Lemmings. There is no dialogue in the show; either characters do not speak while broadcasting in India, especially the Pogo channel; which has dialogue. When Cartoon Network and Boomerang South East Asia started airing the show and some of it was censored due to broadcast standards.

Cartoon Network and Boomerang South East Asia

Bear Scents(Season 1)

The scene which Grizzy spray his blue deodorant has been deleted.

Bear Diet(Season 2)

Boomerang Asia deleted the '20 - 25-second' scenes in which Grizzy and the group of Lemmings almost going into the fridge, stuck inside it and fall under the land by the partridge birds which accidentally tapped it with his foot.

antv Indonesia

Crash Training Course(Season 1)

The scene which Grizzy and the Lemmings has been electric shocked while they wearing a helmet was cut.

Snow Lemmings(Season 1)

The scene which Grizzy licks the TV while the show of the opera singer began to air on TV was cut.

Yummy Fly(Season 2)

The scene which Grizzy fight against houseflies using the magazine; but the Lemmings change the magazine into a non-stick pan to hit Grizzy's head was cut.

Air Trafficking(Season 2)

The scene which a lemming tried to pull off the wire and he gets electrical shock was cut.

How to find the uncensored version of the episode?

We can found it uncensored episodes online through Netflix(worldwide; except China, Finland, Germany and Canada) and france•tv app and Okoo(France only).

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