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Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is a action-adventure game that was developed by Rockstar North and published by Rockstar. The video game was released on 26 October 2004. Due to the game targeting a USK 16 rating in Germany, the game was censored. When people learned of the Hot coffee sex scenes in the game and the possibility of re-adding them to the game, the game received an Adult Only rating in the USA, essentially meaning the game was banned. As a result, a censored version was made and released worldwide.


International censorship[]

  • Hot Coffee minigame was fully removed from the game.

German censorship[]

  • All international censorship applies.
  • The game was originally banned due to high-impact gory violence, the game was released on 2012 though it was censored.
  • It is no longer possible to kick people when they are lying on the ground.
  • It is no longer possible to blast people's heads off with the sniper rifle, and the blood splatter was removed. (The blood pool remains.)

Japanese censorship[]

(Note: This list is based on the PS2's censorship the PS3's is less censored.)

  • All international censorship applies.
  • You can no longer remove body parts.
  • Beating up the police no longer rewards you any money.
  • You generally are unable to chase fallen people with a melee weapon.
  • Violence against civilians has been minimized.
  • The hotel boy in the Misson 555 We Tip was changed to a criminal.
  • The traveler in the Mission Architecture Espionage was changed to a Ballas.
  • The construction worker in the Mission Deconstruction was changed to a Ballas.
  • The Ballas were made a Yakuza-like organization with rather than a street gang, with more influence on San Andreas than in the original version.
  • Sexual references were toned down or removed.
  • The bone cracking sounds is removed when you run over pedestrians.
  • Pimp missions were removed.
  • Any scene that contained "extremists depictions" were removed.
  • The scene that shows a policeman being torn apart by the helicopter's main rotor in the mission Uniting the Families was cut.
  • You can no longer shoot birds in the game.
  • Two player missions that involve killing civilians were removed.
  • The scene that shows CJ's interacting with Katharina in the mission "Gone Courting" was cut.
  • Any scene that shows characters ingesting drugs in missions Body Harvest and End of the Line were removed.
  • The quarry mission was modified for the Japanese release. In the Japanese version the corpses were changed to mannequins.
  • The word narcotics was changed to sake.

Saudi Arabian censorship[]

  • The video game is banned in Saudi Arabia due to its violent content.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other nation has it uncensored. There is a mod to make the Hot Coffee minigame accessible again.