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Gangster Squad is an action thriller made by Warner Brother, and it was released on January 7, 2013. When the film aired on TNT a number of scenes were cut, in order to get a TV-14 rating.


USA Censorship

(This list in complete and will remain incomplete due to TNT no longer airing the censored version. I will leave this list sense it will give you a good idea of what they used to censor.)

  • The line "You belong in a bobby hatch, eating pudding in your goddamn pajamas." was changed to "You belong in a bobby hatch, eating pudding in your damn pajamas."
  • The scene that shows Tommy's body being torn in half was cut.
  • The scene that shows the dogs eating bits and pieces of Tommy's body was cut.
  • The scene where Racine says "Get in the goddamn room." was changed to "Get in the damn room."
  • The scene where Cohen says "Goddamn hero is what he is." was changed to "Damn hero is what he is."
  • The line "Shit!" was changed to "Oh no!"
  • The line "Now who the fuck is this guy?" was changed to "Now who the hell is this guy?"
  • The line "Shit!" it was changed to "Ooooh."
  • The scene that shows the diver in the taxi getting shot with blood splattering onto the window due to the shootout was cut.
  • The scene where Jerry says "Got dammit O'Mara you stupid son of a bitch." was cut.
  • The line "Grenade shit!" was changed to "What the hell is that?!"

Where to find it uncensored

The original theatrical release was uncensored. Video releases are uncensored, and streaming sites have it uncensored. As of 2020 it has aired uncensored on TNT, albeit with a TV-MA rating.

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