Dead Rising is an action adventure game that was developed by Capcom Production Studios 1 and published by Capcom. The video game was released on August 8, 2006. The game was banned in Germany and censored in Japan due to Cero's guidelines. The Remastered version is also censored.


Germany censorship

  • The game was banned in Germany due to brutal violence. (BPjM Indexed)
  • The game is not sold on the German Steam site.
  • This ban was later lifted, and the European version was released in Germany.

Japan censorship

  • The Japanese version has the European censorship as well as the other cases of censorship below.
  • Dismemberment was removed.
  • Blood was completely removed from the game.

European censorship

  • In the shop "In the Closet" you can put on a T-shirt that shows a topless woman in the uncensored version. In the European version the lady is now wearing a bikini top.
  • A painting that can be found in the "Casual Gals" shop that shows her wearing a white dress in the European version.

International censorship

  • The remaster uses the European censored version.

Where to find it uncensored

In every other region the original game is uncensored, and there is no uncensored version available for the remaster.

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