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DC Super Hero Girls is a web series that was released online in the United States in 2015. When it was brought to Cartoon Network MENA, 5 episodes were censored for the CN MENA version.


MENA Censorship[]

Cartoon Network MENA[]

Season One[]
  • Episode 5 (?)
    1. The scene where Sapphire says "Well I love getting flowers. So romantic." was cut.
  • Episode 15 (?)
    1. The scene that shows the Shark villain hitting a poster with a mermaid was cut.
  • Episode 16 (?)
    1. The scene where the cop says "I'll give you any of my potatoes you want!" was cut.

Season Two[]

  • Episode 5 (?)
    1. The scene where Beast Boy says "Nice catch." was cut.
    2. The scene where Wonder Woman says "One of a kind." was cut.

Where to find it uncensored[]

Every other country has the series completely uncensored. In Saudi Arabia, you can find the series uncensored on YouTube MENA on the official DC Super Hero Girls 2015 YouTube channel.