This wiki still needs to be expanded. Many instances of censorship have still not yet been documented to the wiki. Anyone can contribute! Read the rules in the home page before getting started.

At the moment, we have 1,193 pages, but make sure to focus on quality over quantity!

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Welcome to the Censorship Wiki! If you are here to create an article about a work that has been censored, here is the guide to creating a censorship-related article:

  • Make sure your article has censorship information. Articles containing no censorship-related information will be deleted.
  • Describe the content of the work in the lead section, and (preferably) why it was censored in a country or region.
  • Censorship articles should be about real-life works. Hoaxes will be deleted.
  • The article can be about a piece of art, literature, a moving image such as film, music, an audiovisual work, or a computer game.
  • Only include actual cases of censorship. False information will be removed.
  • Indicate where the work can be found uncensored. Note that this wiki is not the place to protest censorship or to support censorship.
  • Make sure to copy-edit your article for spelling and grammar.
  • If the censorship in one region is exactly the same as another, do not repeat the information already noted earlier. Repetition hurts the quality of the article.
  • Make sure to prioritize quality over quantity. Instances of censorship should be as detailed as it can be to provide context to the reader.

Happy editing!