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Some Caillou episodes got banned or censored from PBS Kids, Sprout and Cartoonito, the most notable episode being Big Brother Caillou.

Banned or Censored episodes[]

Banned episodes
Episode name Reason
Big Brother Caillou Caillou pinched Rosie when she is just a baby.
Caillou Walks Around The Block Caillou was left unattended and walks around the block without a guard, Caillou could've gotten kidnapped or ran over.
Rosie Bothers Caillou Lots of screaming and shouting and Caillou being aggressive to his mom.
Caillou Makes A New Friend Jim's bullying was too realistic to caillou.
Caillou's Getting Older Death related content was mentioned throughout the episode. And a dead bird appeared on the screen.
Caillou's Quarrel Clementine was being too bossy towards Caillou.
Caillou's Crossword Caillou and Leo were being racist towards Clementine, an African-American child, by calling her the word "stupid" learnt by a skateboarder kid.
Censored episodes
Episode name Reason
Big Brother Caillou On Cartoon Network, the scene where Caillou pinching Rosie was cut.
Caillou Plays Baseball At one point in the episode, Caillou says the line "I hate baseball!", The word "hate" was muted due to the fact that the said word can be strong enough to be a swear word.
Caillou's Bad Dream On PBS Kids, when Daddy said "Bad dreams can be pretty scary sometimes," it was overlapped with the word "Goodnight, Caillou".