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Breath of Fire IV is a Japanese role playing game that was developed by Capcom Development Studio 3, and was published by Capcom. The game was released on April 27, 2000. Due to Capcom wanting to make the game more family friendly the International release was censored, as a result sexuality and violence were toned down.


International Censorship[]

  • The scene that shows Ryu accidently groping Ursula's breast
  • The scene that shows Ursula proving her womanhood to a group of sailors was cut. (In the scene Ursula drops her trousers to her ankles.)
  • The scene that shows Ryu being overcome by temptation, when he sees female party members was cut.
  • Nina and Ursula bathing in a pond was cut.
  • The scene that shows Fou-Lu decapitating Emperor Soniel was modified for the International release. In the International version the scene fades to black before you see the Emperor getting decapitated.
  • References to alcoholism were removed. Stuttering is now considered a speech impediment rather than drunken talk.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The Japanese version is completely uncensored.