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BioShock is a first person shooting video game that was developed by 2K Boston/2K Australia and published by 2K. The video game was released on August 24, 2007. It was censored in Germany in order to be released.


Germany Censorship[]

  • Blood splatters were reduced.
  • When a enemy burns in the uncensored version you can see still some of their organs in the German version the body is fully charred. As a result you don't see any organs or anything.
  • The Pipe Wrench no longer has blood on it when you use it to kill a enemy.
  • Corpses can no longer be picked up.
  • Some of the corpses in the game were censored no longer having any saws or scissors in them.
  • The intro cutscene is made a lot less intense/violent.
  • The scene that shows Johnny getting sliced by a by a slicer when you first arrived was modified for the German release. In the German version the blood was removed.
  • Blood splatters that Big Daddy causes in cutscenes were removed, and blood stains on walls during those cutscenes were removed.
  • The scene that shows Dr Steinman operating on a live patient was modified for the German release. In the German version he is operating on a dead patient and the blood was removed.
  • The scene that shows Dr. Tenenbaum shooting the splicer was modified for the German release. In the German version the amount of blood was reduced.

Where to find it uncensored[]

The remaster is uncensored and the original version of the game is uncensored in every country except Germany. German players can however play the uncensored European release with the German language setting.