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Angry Birds: The Movie is a CGI animated film produced by Rovio Entertainment in participation with Sony and Columbia Pictures. The movie was released in May 20, 2016. Some scenes related to child abuse, and violence has been censored for the UK release.


UK censorship[]

The censored version is also broadcast on Boomerang Australia.

  • The scene that shows Red kicking a child was cut. (Most likely due to child abuse and violence.)
  • The battle scene between the Birds and the Pigs was shortened due to violence. (This edit exists on DVDs, and is uncut on Five.)
  • The scene that shows the TNT exploding and the Pigs' castle blowing up was removed due to violence.
  • Red's fake death was removed beacuse some viewers thought Red actually died.

Where to find it uncensored[]

  • Every other country has it uncensored, and in the UK. a uncensored version airs formely on Five. This censorship only happens on CN UK, Nick UK and on Channel 4.
  • The DVD release is uncensored, and the movie is available uncensored in the UK for a limited time on Amazon.
  • In Australia, OFC and Cartoon Network Australia broadcast the movie uncensored.