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ALF is a television series that premiered on NBC in 1986.


United States censorship[]


Season 1[]
  • A.LF.
    1. The scene shows that it is revealed that Lynn had a boyfriend named "Lash," was cut.
    2. The intro was shortened.
    3. The garage building was changed from nighttime to daytime.
  • Strangers in the NIght
    1. The scene that shows ALF does a voiceover explaining what happened to the burglar and Raquel and then he tells the Tanners about his night while he eats pizza and popcorn is cut so the ending can make it to be very early.
  • Looking for Lucky
    1. The scene that shows in the animal shelter, in which Keith tries to audition for the man trying to buy a cat for his daughter (who is a producer) have been intentionally left out.
  • Pennsylvania 6-5000
    1. Some scenes that are very disturbing or some jokes that are removed from syndication to make least 21 minutes.
    2. The scene that shows ALF sings the theme to The Jetsons while he is working on the shortwave radio while it was intentionally left out.
  • Keepin' The Faith
    1. The scene where each parts were left out to make 21 minutes of the episode.
  • For Your Eyes Only
    1. The scenes that shows Jody and ALF listen to Alvin and the Chipmunks has been cut due to the copyright of Bagdasarian Productions.
  • Help Me, Rhonda
    1. The scene shows that Skip and Rhonda are in spaceship which in the shot of was intentionally cut.
  • Don’t It Make My Brown Eyes Blue?
    1. The scene that shows ALF helps Willie shoot a video of "Saturday Night's Alright (for Fighting)" for Kate was cut.
  • Jump
    1. Scene that shows Willie's thank you speech to his family on his birthday was shortened.
  • Baby, You Can Drive My Car
    1. The scene that shows where the tow truck driver helps bring in the Tanner family's groceries was removed from Syndication/DVD version.
  • On The Road Again
    1. Scene that shows ALF running and going under the bed was cut.
  • Oh, Tannerbaum
    1. Scene that shows Willie's dream sequence was shortened.
  • Mother and Child Reunion
    1. Some scenes are left out since it makes 21 minutes of the episode, such as ALF doing the cooking show being possibly shortened.
  • A Little Bit of Soap
    1. Some one or the two scenes that intentionally left out.
  • I’ve Got a New Attitude
    1. The scene that showed window shutters moved up and down was cut.
  • Try to Remember
    1. Scene that shows ALF electrocuted himself by bringing the mixer in the bath has been replaced with a different scene of him slipping and hitting his head on the tub. (some Asia pacific removed the scene and turned into an intro.)
    2. Scene that showed a public service announcement about electrical safety was cut due to safety reasons.
    3. The scene shows ALF singing "Old Time Rock And Roll" was cut.
    4. ALF eating at Jody's house was cut. (also removed from Asian broadcast.)
  • Border Song
    1. The scene that shows Willie making hideous faces in the office was cut.
  • Wild Thing
    1. The scene that shows the garage clip was cut.
  • Going Out of My Head Over You
    1. The scene that shows ALF meeting Dr. Dykstra was cut/shortened which turned into a clip.
  • Lookin’ Through the Windows
    1. The scene that shows ALF standing in the doorway when the lights go on turns into black screen.
  • It Isn’t Easy…Bein’ Green
    1. The scene that shows at the Nutrition Follies in which Kate and Lynn explains to the crowd couple that they are sitting in their seats was removed from Syndication/DVD version.
  • The Gambler
    1. The scene that shows some characters explaining some basic jokes were removed from Syndication/DVD version.
    2. The uncut intro was seen.
  • Weird Science
    1. The scene that shows ALF watching Kate washing the dishes after the TV broken was cut since it was intentionally left out.
  • La Cucaracha
    1. The scene that shows ALF mentions about slime ball and roach jokes was cut.
  • Come Fly With Me
    1. The scene that shows Trevor and ALF sing "Come Fly With Me" was cut due to copyright.
    2. The scene that shows after Tanners leaving ALF behind which where Willie and Kate to let him go with them was cut.
Season 2[]
  • Working My Way Back To You
    1. The scene that shows ALF sings "Stop in the Name of Love" in the garage was shortened and replaced with generic music due to copyright.
    2. Some of each scenes that are replaced to tone down or being left out for at least 21 minutes.
  • The Ballad of Gilligan's Island
    1. Some scenes that are showing which includes Willie makes a gesture was intentionally left out and some dialogue was presumably changed or muted.
  • Take a Look at Me Now
    1. the scenes that are showing that were intentionally left out and some character’s dialogue was changed and/or removed.
  • Something’s Wrong with Me
    1. The scene that shows Trevor has the meeting with The Tanners to talk about some weird noises and ALF realizes his hiccups can easily break glass was cut.
    2. The scene that shows Kate putting Lucky down was cut.
    3. Some dialogues and scenes are possibly or intentionally changed.
  • Prime Time
    1. Some scenes that are included ALF hanging up the phone was intentionally left out.

MENA censorship[]

Some are the scenes that are cut due to alcohol and inappropriate references, and/or the episode that had some disturbing appearances and inappropriate stuff that are banned:

Iranian censorship[]


Kenyan censorship[]


Moroccan censorship[]


Palestinian censorship[]


Southeast Asian censorship[]

Burmese (Myanmar) censorship[]


Vietnamese censorship[]


Turkish censorship[]

The episode “For Your Eyes Only” was aired rarely in Turkey and is believed to be banned along with some other episodes by Middle Eastern countries. The pilot episode has Willie not wearing robe being removed as it faded out early.

United Kingdom censorship[]


Where to find it uncensored[]

Most of DVDs in Germany, France, Belgium/Netherlands, and others (except for Asia, Middle East and North Africa) are believed to be uncensored except for the first part of the episode “Try to Remember”.

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